HIGHLIGHTS - FIFA World Cup 2022 Final - Messi leads Argentina to the promised land

ONE OF THE BEST World Cup finals of all time, if not the best, became the stage where Lionel Messi finally fulfilled his destiniy as he spearheaded Argentina to a World Cup triumph that will be etched in football history forever.

The relentless, action-packed FIFA World Cup final saw Argentina and France go toe to toe with the match changing colours at every turn. Despite Messi and Mbappe doing their best to snatch victory at regulation time and extra time, the game went into the penalties where Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez had the last laugh.

Catch the highlights of the match courtesy the official YouTube channel of World Cup broadcaster JioCinema...

It's difficult to describe the impact of a game like this to the lore of world football. But it's safe to say that these visuals of Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup finally on his last attempt seems like a final puzzle piece has fallen into place to define an era of the sport.

Apart from being the highest scoring World Cup final ever, it was also the most watched both on TV and internet platforms. And going forward it may just become one of the most memorable football matches of all time. 

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