East Bengal fans away at Jamshedpur allege mistreatment by police in the stadium

EAST BENGAL FANS who travelled to their team's away match against Jamshedpur FC allegedly faced mistreatment from the police in the stadium.

The Red and Golds played Jamshedpur at the JRD Tata Sports Complex and several fans had made the 300 kilometer trip to support their team. At the stadium they stayed in a section of their own, and as the team put on one of the best performances of the season to clinch a 1-3 victory, they cheered and chanted, as is the norm with the fanbase.

Photo Courtesy - ISL

But the security personnel in the stadium, who do not have much experience dealing with away fans, allegedly reacted negatively. According to fans who were present at the arena, the police asked them not to cheer and watch the match quietly. And afterwards, they were physically beaten up.

Several posts on social media from several East Bengal fans and fan clubs have reported on what transpired. They have demanded appropriate action to be taken by club and the league against those who are responsible for this incident. 

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