Badminton match between squash, tennis, and football players

AS FANS of various sports or sportspersons from different sports, there is always the thougt that it would be great to catch them competing against each other? So now here is a chance to catch a glimpse of that.

The game is badminton and the players are across sports. the way talks are going on, it looks like there will be more joining in.

It all started when tennis player Rohan Bopanna tweeted to badminton women's doubles player Ashwini Ponnappa:   

After this Joshna Chinappa tweeted explaining what Rohan Bopanna meant and what the event would be:

Okay so looks like you fans are in for a treat, where you would see squash player Joshna and tennis player Rohan play a badminton player. So when one was expecting Ashwini to reply, football player Sunil Chhetri joined the conversation.

Too good, players from squash, tennis, badminton coming together to play badminton while a football player is one among the audience who will be seen cheering. To everyone's surprise more and players joined the conversation, wanting to be part of the game. Tennis player Somdev Devvarman tweeted:

Joshna later asks Sunil also to join the game, rather, be the audience. So far the team looks like Bopanna, Somdev and Sunil on one side while Joshna and Ashwini are on the other. When it looked like it is a little unfair on the girls as they had one player less, is when billiards and former snooker player Pankaj Advani joins the conversation and tweets:

Ashwini Ponnappa has quite a fan following and because of that now the team looks evenly distributed with three players on each side. The final tweet in the conversation by Rohan Bopanna:

The hashtag 'lets make this happen' should be trending and if and when this match happens it would be great fun for the fans to witness something like this. #ITONLYHAPPENSINSPORTS, ain't it true? 

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