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MMA -- 'Soul of Warriors 3' event awaits go-ahead from West Bengal govt

MMA PROMOTION 'Soul of Warrior' are waiting for a clearance from the West Bengal government for holding their next event.

SOW 3, expected to take place on July 31st in Siliguri, West Bengal, will be the promotion's second even this year, and the first one since January. Due to most of the Indian MMA promotions having to halt or slow down their operations because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's an event that is likely to capture the attention of MMA fans across the country.

Photo Courtesy - Soul of Warriors

SOW have also been turning heads with their recent spree of talent acquisition.

But the organization is still waiting to clear the red tape that comes along with holding a sporting event in the middle of a pandemic. SOW matchmaker Abid Hassan Tanvir told TFG,

"We are still waiting to hear from the West Bengal government. There are restrictions in place till July 15th according to them. Once we're past that we'll be able to figure out the details of organizing the event."

After their first two events, SOW have been developing plans to launch a multi-pronged expansion project, headed by flagship events both inside and outside India. But like sporting organizations, their biggest hurdle to running things smoothly appears to be the pandemic and the extra regulatory red tape that comes with it.

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