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Perspeolis FC fined by AFC for statements targeting AIFF and Indian govt

PERSEPOLIS FC HAVE BEEN fined by the AFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee for the controversial social media statements they published ahead of their AFC Champions League Group Stage campaign in Goa.

The AFCDEC has cited multiple violations of rules and codes to issue a fine of $45,000 to Persepolis, along with an order to play their next ACL home match behind closed doors.

Before arriving in Goa, the Persepolis FC team experienced some delays due to not having some of the required clearances for their aircraft. For some reason, the club chose to publish a statement on their social media and website accusing the AIFF and "Indian authorities" of trying to "sabotage" them.

The team arrived in Goa the next day once the clearances - made complicated by a ban on international flights due to COVID-19 - were obtained.

For this incident alone, a fine of $17,500 has been issued against the club.

The club also caused controversy when they published an Instagram post comparing their campagin in Goa with the genocide-ridden invasion of India by the Persian emperor Nader Shah. The club had deleted the post, blaming it on staff who had put it up without coordinating with the club management.

Persepolis FC topped the group stage, winning 5 matches out of 6, including both of their meetings with ISL league champions FC Goa.

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