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Steve Smith announces new fitness challenge - 'Race for Australia with Smudge powered by Stepathlon'

Iconic Australian cricketer, Steve Smith has announced a new partnership with award winning fan engagement, and wellness company Stepathlon, to launch ‘Race for Australia with Smudge’.

In his announcement of the partnership, Smith said, “2020 shone a spotlight on the importance of our health and that of our families, friends, community and country. I am excited to partner with Stepathlon to encourage, empower and engage all Australians to take ownership of their health and wellbeing to build a healthier and happier nation.”

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Race for Australia with Smudge is a “Virtual Race” and fan engagement initiative for Australians – Steve Smith fans, cricket fans, sports fans, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who wants to get active! The initiative is focused on motivating everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, location, gender and guiding each participant to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Race for Australia with Smudge 2021 will be a 12-week “Event”. Those Interested in participating will be able to do so via a free app which will encourage Australians to take a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Participants will move around a ‘Virtual Race Course’ through real life steps and other activities combined with gamification, engagement, Rewards and Recognition.

The race promises to deliver an exciting calendar packed with prizes, fun indoor and outdoor activities, virtual experiences, celebrity interactions, online and offline contests and challenges and content focused on the 3 pillars of wellness - Movement, Nutrition and Mental Health.

The Australian Government Department of Health website states that almost half of all Australians have health conditions that can be prevented with a healthier and more active lifestyle. While Australians are living longer lives they are living them in poorer health, as smoking, obesity and poor diets leave people susceptible to disease and death (*Global Burden Of Disease Study, published in the International Medical Journal The Lancet).

“Our mission is for all Aussies to come together as a nation, to support, inspire and motivate each other to a healthier, happier lifestyle. We are honoured to be working with Steve whose passion for fitness and well-being are values that synergise with that of Stepathlon. We see this as the modern-day ‘active’ version of the 70s iconic ‘Life. Be in it.’ campaign”, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Stepathlon, Ravi Krishnan said.

Krishnan adds, “Steve Smith is an inspirational partner. He is personally committed to a healthy lifestyle and now will lead Australia, not only on the field, but off it as well.”

Krishnan also pointed out, “We are already in discussion with a number of brands, and partners that appreciate the vision we have for Race for Australia with Smudge and want to be part of building a happier, healthier nation.” 

Smith has been instrumental in driving the initiative along with his agent Warren Craig and his partners Stepathlon.

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