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IPL 2020 -- COVID-19 safety protocols established by BCCI

THE BCCI HAS ESTABLISHED a strict COVID-19 safety protocol for IPL 2020.

Players who are scheduled to fly to the United Arab Emirates will go through 5 coronavirus tests, once every 5 days, and will only be cleared to travel to join their teams once they have tested negative in each of those tests. Not only that, every Indian cricketer and coaching staff will go through two COVID-19 RT-PCR tests within 24 hours before being cleared to travel.

Once the players have flown to their designated venue for practice, they will enter a seven day quarantine period. During this time they'll be tested for COVID-19 three more times and only if they test negative all three times will they be allowed to take part in practice sessions.

During the pre-season practices and the tournament itself, the players and staff will have to live inside the COVID-19 bio safety bubble. Anyone who is found to have violated that rule will be immediately quarantined for a week and re-tested.

If anyone gets infected with COVID-19 at any point during this whole process, they'll be quarantined until they recovered. Once the doctors have determined that they have beaten the virus, they will be tested again, twice within 24 hours, and only if they clear those tests they'll be allowed to return to their teams.

The IPL 2020 season will take place between September 19th and November 10th in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

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