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I-League 2020 -- Sudeva FC submit corporate entry bid

SUDEVA FC HAVE SUBMITTED their bid to enter the I-League via the corporate route in the 2020-21 season.

When AIFF issued the invitation for bids to add new corporate teams to the league, Sudeva were one of the first names that did the rounds in the Indian football circles, given their long-standing interest in entering the I-League.

The club has appeared in national level football in the past, participating in the 2nd Division League back in 2017. They finished at the bottom of their group in the preliminary round.

Even though the promotion route has eluded them, the owners of the club have maintained interest in I-League, and today, according to Football Delhi President Shaji Prabhakaran, they have finally taken the formal step to seek entry there.

At present, no club from Delhi plays in I-League or Indian Super League; strengthening Sudeva's case due to the strategic & commercial advantage that comes with representing the national capital. 

The club also stands to gain by utilising the Ambedkar Stadium as its home ground, which has a long history of drawing enthusiastic crowds for Durand Cup as well as the Indian national team during the Bob Houghton era.

It's still unclear when the I-League will be able to kick off its 2020-21 season given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ISL has already decided to move its entire season behind closed doors, to be held in one or two venues because of the coronavirus. There's a good likelihood that I-League may have to do the same. However, there have been no words from the AIFF on which way they are leaning when it comes to organizing the next season of I-League.

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