#FANSPEAK -- Open letter to Sanjiv Goenka from a die hard Mohun Bagan fan

Dear Mr. Goenka,

Hope you are keeping well and safe. In these gloomy days of worldwide pandemic, writing this letter may seem as a luxury of wasting time on petty things but what to do? Mohun Bagan means everything to us. Mohun Bagan is our life, one of the most important reasons to be in this world and when that Mohun Bagan is at a crossroad (at least that's what is getting reported by various sections of the media via their confirmed/unconfirmed sources) how can we sit idle? 

Sir, first of all, heartiest welcome to you on behalf of all the Mariners! I am pretty sure that under your able guidance and leadership, Mohun Bagan has every potential to be one of the reckoning football force not only in India but in Asia too. And going by the history of your erstwhile business take-overs and proved business acumen, we are surely in the safe hands! You being the member of the National Club has only added to that belief. But Sir, it may be noted that new management is dealing with a public club with more than 100 years of heritage and glory with millions of its supporters like us who eat, sleep and drink Green & Maroon.

Mohun Bagan is in our blood.
Mohun Bagan is in our dreams.

We do not eat if Mohun Bagan lose a match.
We cry like babies if Mohun Bagan lose any tournament.
We forget the sorrows of our own life when Sony Norde dribbles past 5 defenders and scores a scorcher! 

And this is literally not just a statement for the sake of a statement.

We mean it. 

This club is our pride. This is our identity, glory, tradition, heritage of 130 years. 

The glory of hundreds of silverware. The glory of inspiring a nation by winning IFA shield in 1911, barefoot against the British.

This is truly our passion. This is our emotion. Passion for football, for our club whom we call our mother. 

Mohun Bagan fans at an I-League match

I believe you also agreed to invest upon us to get yourself associated with that glory- heritage and tradition only. But simultaneously a section of media is reporting that new management is thinking of changing the name, logo and jersey colour to some extent for the new footballing entity.

If true, Why Sir ? Please understand, Mariners will not agree with any change in these aspects by any means... that's our identity by birth, We can't afford to lose that. And We don't deserve to lose that... of course we can understand that you are the 80% stakeholder and you have an existing brand so new management may always have an inclination towards safeguarding that brand to some extent. But can there be any comparison with the Mohun Bagan brand? Honestly?

Your erstwhile brand may have won three ISL trophies which is no doubt praiseworthy but how many trophies Mohun Bagan have won in last 130 years ? More than 250. You may have gained a few hundred or thousand supporters during your short stint of last six years but we have millions. What will the management gain by holding on to a brand which has every possibility to not to get any weightage once green and maroon jersey steps into the ground?

Survival of a brand always depends on how much that is backed by manpower and emotion. If management take some steps which effectively create such a negativity that a bigger section of Mohun Bagan fans stop following the team, will it serve any purpose? 

In any case, much negativity has already been created by not retaining Mr. Kibu Vicuna as head coach  who as per our view, should definitely be retained after that magical performance last year. Every Mariner wanted that from the core of their heart. Team management is not even thinking of someone called Mr. Sony Norde who still remains close to the Mariners' hearts. Then what are they up to? The management needs to understand the pulse of the supporters, they're at the true Kolkata Maidaan now.

Why does a legend like you have to invest in Mohun Bagan, Mr. Goenka? Of course it must not be because you need profit out of it since in today's Indian football scenario we all know it's almost next to impossible to make money out of such a heavy investment. Then what? It must be your passion for football and passion for having a die hard fan base who will adore you if you are good to them. Why lose that opportunity?

Don't take me otherwise, sir. The Mohun Bagan crowd has already taken you as one of their very own and thus, expectation is sky high too. Now the choice is yours, whether to just be an authoritative figure in their minds or rule their hearts too as a king. Maybe time has come to stamp your name in the folklore of Bagan too besides remaining on the cover page of business magazines.

Feeling some pressure? Welcome to the National Club of India. 

Yours' faithfully,
A die hard Mariner. 
On behalf of all the Mariners worldwide

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