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PODCAST -- A deep dive into Delhi's rich football history with Novy Kapadia

VETERAN FOOTBALL COMMENTATOR, author and journalist Novy Kapadia is taking part in a four part podcast series produced by Dynamos Ultras about the history of Delhi football.

While as of now Delhi does not have a major football club at the national level (although that may change if Sudeva FC get into I-League next season), the national capital has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in Indian football; from the rich history of the Durand Cup to the modern era Indian national team exploits.

A die-hard fan community still exists that longs to re-ignite the passion for the sport around the iconic and nostalgia-laden Ambedkar Stadium.

This inaugural episode of the podcast series, titled History of Delhi Football Part 1, features Novy talking in-depth about Delhi's football scene before India's independence.

Listen to the full episode right here courtesy the Dynamos Ultras Youtube channel.


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