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Siddh 'M10Jenasid' Chandarana to captain esports team participating in inaugural IsoNations Cup

One of India's top professional esports athletes playing FIFA, Siddh 'M10Jenasid' Chandarana, will captain a 6-member team that will participate in the inaugural IsoNations Cup tournament which will kick-off online from April 30.

The other team members are also all professional esports athletes playing FIFA, including Saksham 'Sakky' Rattan, Charanjot 'chelseaCJ12' Singh, Karan 'Diabolical' Singh, Sufi 'ThunderBeard' Patel, and Nikhil ‘Nikx’ Pandey.

The captain, Siddh 'M10jenasid' Chandarana, is a professional esports athlete for the ‘M10Esports’ a European Esports team, which is owned by German and Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil. Adding strength to the squad is Saksham 'Sakky' Rattan who has a professional contract with ‘Futbolist’ a Turkish esports team.

Charanjot 'chelseaCJ12' Singh is a 5-time National Champion and the only Indian to have finished Top 100 in the world on FIFA 20 three times, which is the most by an Indian this year, while Karan 'Diabolical' Singh has won over 15 domestic titles including the Smaash FIFA Championship in 2018. Sufi 'Thunderbeard' Patel is an accomplished FIFA Esports player with a host of domestic titles to his credit, as well as a competitive Pro Clubs player. Completing the squad is Nikhil ‘Nikx’ Pandey, who is an accomplished Pro Clubs player and currently playing for European Pro Clubs Team Red Faction.

The IsoNations Cup will feature top-ranking players like ‘Tekkz’ who is arguably the greatest FIFA player of all time, ‘CrazyFatGamer’ who is the #1 player in the world on PS and captain of Team Italy, Tom ‘HashtagTom’ Leese, ranked world #3 in the world on PS. ‘Ollelite’ who won the FUT Champions Cup 3 this year will be leading the Swedish squad, and ‘Shellz’ Manchester City superstar and one of the best Pro Clubs player of all time will also be seen in action.

ConnectIN Esports, which has organised the entry of the team participation in the IsoNations Cup, also professionally manages and represents Charanjot 'chelseaCJ12' Singh, Karan 'Diabolical' Singh, and Sufi 'ThunderBeard' Patel.

The captain, Siddh Chandarana said: "We are extremely thrilled to participate in the inaugural edition of the IsoNations Cup. It will be a great honour to compete against some the top esports athletes in the world. We have a strong team and I am certain that we will put up a commendable performance."

Speaking on the team's participation, Dhruv Khanna, co-founder, ConnectIN Esports said:   "We are proud to have our team participating in the IsoNations Cup which features the top FIFA esports athletes in the world like ‘‘Tekkz’, ‘CrazyFatGamer’, ‘HashtagTom’’. Our team consists of an experienced squad of youngsters who have proved their mettle in playing FIFA20. I am confident our team will give a good account of themselves during the tournament. All matches will be streamed live on the ConnectIN Esports YouTube Channel and we call upon all esports fans to support them in what promises to be a fiercely competitive tournament."

Fans of the game can catch the action live on ConnectIN Esports YouTube Channel from April 30 to May 10.


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