IWL 2020 FULL MATCH - FC Kohlapur City and BBK Dav FC play out fiercely competitive draw

FC KOHLAPUR CITY AND BBK Dav FC ended their campaign opener in IWL 2020 in a 1-1 draw in Bangalore Football Stadium this afternoon.

The first draw in the final round this season, this match saw action on both ends of the pitch; with both teams showing intent to attack from the get go but were constantly let down by lack of cohesion in midfield and mis-passes.

But chances were created by both sides, especially with long balls tracked by the attackers. But the biggest chance of the half came when BBK won a penalty. Captain Neha Mann took the spot kick, but Kohlapur keeper Shreya Hooda managed to make a brilliant save to keep the scoreline level.

In the second half, the attacking efforts of Kohlapur remained consistent and it paid off when they finally took the lead through Lhingneilam Kipgen about 75 minutes into the match. But BBK were unrelenting in their effort to get back and it didn't take their renewed emphasis on offence to finally breach the Kohlapur defence; they equalized through Madhu Bala 84 minutes in.

The game ended in a draw; underscoring the competitive depth of IWL's Group A across the points table.

ARE taking on BBK Dav FC to begin both the clubs' IWL 2020 final round campaign.

Watch the entire match right here, courtesy the Indian Football Team facebook page...

Kohlapur City will take on Kickstart FC next on 30th January, and on the same day BBK Dav FC will have a potentially tough encounter with reigning Champions of India Sethu FC. Both matches will be streamed live on Facebook on the official Indian Football Team page.

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