CFL 2019 LIVE STREAM -- Title race showdown - East Bengal vs Customs, Peerless vs George Telegraph

AS EAST BENGAL, Mohun Bagan and Peerless take the field in simultaneous matches to decide the Calcutta Football League title race, rain is playing spoilsport at the worst moment.

The East Bengal vs Calcutta Customs match is yet to kick-off due to the East Bengal match being affected by floodwater. You can see the situation unfold right here courtesy broadcasters Sadhna News.

Meanwhile, league leaders Peerless SC are taking on George Telegraph at Barasat, a match they are leading 1-0 at half-time giving them a sizeable lead in the title race.

The match is not live on TV but some of the fans presented in the stadium are streaming it through their mobile devices. Here's one such stream... of this potentially historic fixture...

Mohun Bagan have played out a 0-0 first half against Kalighat MS and as things stand they have fallen away from the CFL title race.

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