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CFL 2019 FULL MATCH- Peerless beat Rainbow to set up three-way title clash on Super Sunday

PEERLESS SPORTS CLUB STRENGTHENED their Calcutta Football League title bid with a hard earned victory against Rainbow Athletic Club.

Playing at Barasat, Peerless got an early lead when Dipendu Biswas found the net just 12 minutes into the match. The rest of the game was a gruelling back and forth battle where Peerless had to defend hard and look for more goals to increase their goal difference.

They came close twice thanks to decent shots from Pankaj Moula and Ansumana Kromah but on both occasions the ball came off the woodwork, denying them the chance to have a comfortable lead.

But the nervous match ultimately ended in their favour and with a 1-0 win they went back to the top of the CFL league table.

You can watch the entire match right here, courtesy Sadhna News.

However, it' not lonely at the top as Peerless (20 points from 10 matches, +11 GD) are locked in a photo finish battle with East Bengal (20 points from 10 matches, +7 GD). Mohammedan Sporting (19 points from 11 matches, +3 GD) are third on the table, but they have already finished their campaign. On the fourth place there's Mohun Bagan (17 points from 10 matches, +7 GD).

With Peerless, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan still being mathematically alive in the title race, the IFA have decided to hold their last matches on Sunday 2:30 pm simultaneously, setting up a three-way Super Sunday showdown to decide the fate of the CFL title.

Peerless will be facing a difficult opponent in George Telegraph (16 points from 10 matches, 5th on league table) and while a win is a must for them, considering East Bengal are facing a relatively easy opponent in Calcutta Customs and are expected to win. However, Peerless would like to make sure they score enough goals just in case East Bengal beat Customs by a high margin. To play a high pressure game like that just 48 hours after the physically draining game they played against Rainbow today is going to be no small task.

The last time a club other than East Bengal or Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta Football League was in 1981 when Mohammedan Sporting won the title. If Peerless manage to secure the title on Sunday, not only will it be a milestone moment in the club's history, but it will also become a signficant part of the vast century-old folklore that CFL, one of Asia's oldest leagues, carries with itself.

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