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Mumbai City FC announce launch of Football Schools

MUMBAI CITY FC is pleased to announce the launch of our first Mumbai City Football Schools Center. The move comes with the club’s aim to make the game more accessible for the youth of the city and to create a pathway for them to make the youth teams of the Islanders. The inaugural center of the Mumbai City Football Schools will open on Monday, August 19, 2019 at the Neville D’Souza Football Turf in Bandra West, Mumbai.

The Football Schools will be open for kids falling in the under-6, under-8 and under-10 age categories.

Mumbai City FC CEO Indranil Das Blah expressed his delight at the Islanders’ latest initiative and believes it will be pivotal in creating future stars of the game for the Islanders and for our national teams as well.

“Football is the sport of the people and we want to take the game to the grassroots. We’re glad we can now present an opportunity to the young kids of Mumbai to be a part of a professional set up from an early age and open up football as an avenue for them,” he added.

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