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Aizawl FC put 5 past Mizoram Police FC in Independence Day Football Tournament

AIZAWL FC BEGAN THEIR Independence Day Football Tournament campaign with a thumping 1-5 victory over Mizoram Police FC at Lammual today.

MPFC, who won the MFA Super Cup just 3 days ago, looked out of form today as they allowed a star studded Aizawl midfield to establish control over this Group A game early on.

Photo Courtesy - Aizawl FC

Although their defence held on for a while, about half an hour into the game fatigue began to show and AFC players used their superior stamina to create cracks in MPFC's armour.

35 minutes in a defensive mix-up allowed Jojo to sneak past the MPFC line and head in an easy one.

Mizoram Police, however, got their equalizer shortly afterwards. A cross from the left wing was intercepted by an Aizawl defender who fumbled and allowed the ball to go to MPFC captain Biaktea, who had acres of space to himself and enough time to calmly slot it in. The first half ended 1-1.

But after the hour mark, Aizawl FC opened the floodgates. It was 62 minutes on the clock when Jojo provided a slick through ball to Isaac who received it well, kept two defenders at bay with his sharp movements and shot one past the keeper. Aizawl had re-taken the lead.

There was no holding back AFC after this. Soon afterwards, Rochharzela scored twice. The first one came from a cross from the left, which he calmly fired from just outside the box, causing the keeper to misjudge the direction and fail to reach it with his outstretched left foot by inches. The second one was from a Alfred Jaryan's short cross from the right, which Rochharzela sent to the top edge of the net. The keeper had no chance. 74 minutes in, Aizawl FC were leading 1-4.

Then David Lalhlansanga tapped one in from close range to put a bow on it. It was a massive 1-5 victory; one that came as a surprise since MPFC have been one of the strongest clubs in Mizoram football recently; they even picked up the first big trophy of the season.

You can watch the entire match on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

Both the clubs will continue their journey in the Group A of Indepdencence Day Celebration Football Tournament throughout this week. Aizawl FC will face Electric Veng, while MPFC will face Chanmari FC on 7th of August.

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