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TFG Indian Football Roundup Ep 7 - FIFA pings AIFF, Bengaluru FC assistant coach Naushad Moosa EXCLUSIVE

In this episode, Chiranjit and Kevin discuss the logistical issues that Durand has run into with many clubs sending or wanting to send B teams. They also talk about FIFA's letter to AIFF, asking about progress on the restructuring ISL, I-League and implementing a unified league system.

We then hear from Naushad Moosa, former Indian international, assistant coach of Bengaluru FC, head coach of BFC B team and academy. He discusses cherished memories from his playing career, the nitty-gritty of youth development at Bengaluru FC and the progression of young talent in India. He also tells us what to expect when he leads the BFC reserves into the upcoming Durand Cup.

Watch the full episode of Indian Football Roundup right here...


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