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FLASH: Adidas kick agility and control up a notch with the new Nemeziz 19

ADIDAS HAVE DRAWN eyeballs around the globe yet again and this time not just for manufacturing a strikingly eye-catching designed cleats but for bringing out a revolution in its material, construction and performance.

Designed for the world’s most agile and creative footballers, the shoe appears to be meticulously crafted together with the latest innovations in mind, offering players 360-degree agility. The Nemeziz 19 has been developed for the ones, who constantly beat the opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement.


The cleats come in a typical black Adidas branded draw style box comprising a string bag with ‘Adidas’ and ‘Nemeziz’ branding on either side with add-on of a shoehorn.

Predominantly red, the laceless cleats boast a subtle stripe pattern that is spread all over the red parts of the shoe. The stretchy part of the collar is in black and the brandings on the inside rear are in silver-metallic. The customary three stripes are on the outside rear, colored in a dazzling silver-metallic, similar to the outsoles of the previous models.


Adidas’ ‘tension tape’ features a new weave structure and composition, giving an unprecedented fit around the foot. The integrated torsion-system technology maximizes agility and acceleration for a quicker change in direction on the field. The structure of the boots not only provide an improved touch but also offer optimum compression, torsion and tension properties. 


While on seeing the previous versions of the boots on shelves, players believed that they’d be difficult to be worn, the enhanced properties of the latest version make that criticism a moot point. Once you slip your foot inside the boot, the material snaps back and gives you a fused compression and lockdown.

The sole plate is seen as a two-part solution with seven studs in the front and four in the back. The flexibility of the sole renders any stiff sensation while running. 

About time you try this new kid on the block and experience something ground-breaking. 

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