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New Indian Hockey Teams match uniforms unveiled 

Hockey India on Saturday unveiled a new-look Official Playing Kit of the Indian Hockey Teams.  

Hockey Fans can watch the Manpreet Singh-led Indian Men's team donning the new uniform at the forthcoming FIH Men's Series Finals Bhubaneswar Odisha 2019 starting 6 June 2019 while the Indian Women's Team led by striker Rani will be seen wearing the new Official Kit at the FIH Women's Series Finals Hiroshima Japan starting 15 June 2019. 


The brand new Uniform created by the Official kitting partners Shiv Naresh, is a darker shade of blue which sports the Indian tri-colour on the sleeves and on the shoulders. As the game of hockey has evolved over the years making it fast-paced and technical, the role of the Official Playing Kits too has evolved with manufacturers having to keep in mind the breath-ability as it increases the chances of dehydration on field. In addition, the material used should not curb their movements on the field while playing high-intensity hockey. 

"We feel a lot of pride in wearing the India jersey and several young players work hard round the year to find an opportunity to wear the India kit which also features their unique Hockey India playing number and only a few are fortunate enough to have this privilege. The official Playing Kit always holds a very special place in every player's heart and we are thrilled to receive this new-look, newly designed Indian uniform ahead of our important campaign at the FIH Men's Series Finals Bhubaneswar Odisha 2019," expressed Manpreet Singh. 

Indian Women's Team skipper too reflected her team's excitement saying, "We absolutely love the new uniform. We also received new training kit and we are excited about it. The colours are bold, vibrant and I think in a way reflects the aggression we want to showcase in our game. The material used is dry-fit making it very light and breathable when we play matches." 


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