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Indian Football Roundup Episode 01 - The Blue Wave (Igor Stimac, IWL semi-finalists)

The Blue Wave is coming! The Indian Women's League 2019 saw an exciting group stage where Gokulam Kerala, Central SSB, Manipur Police and Sethu FC emerged as semi-finalists. Meanwhile, Indian national team's new head coach Igor Stimac picked a solid bunch of players for the Men's National Team camp ahead of King's Cup.

Hosts Chiranjit Ojha and Kevin Barboza go to the depths of all these issues, also previewing the exciting upcoming year that's in store for the Indian football fans. We also hear from Gokulam Kerala FC president VC Praveen on the club's IWL campaign.

Indian football does not lack in action these days, and neither does our new show.

Watch the full episode of our new show right here...


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