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WATCH FULL MATCH: MFA Women's League -- Maubawk Women FC 2-1 Vakiria FC (Semi Final 1)

DESPITE TRAILING FOR most of the game, Maubawk Women FC managed to pull a win over the fearsome Vakiria FC in the first semi-final of the MFA Women's League.

Held at the Lammual Ground in Aizawl, the long awaited fixture began with Vakiria dominating the action through their swift midfield and sustained attack. Maubawk defended hard to stay in the game but conceded one goal.

However, as the clock was about to hit 80, a critical defensive mistake made the favourites pay a hefty price. A handball led to a penalty, which Maubawk's Zali calmly converted. And as the match was about to end, Zali found the net again, sealing the deal on an incredible underdog victory.

Watch the match on YouTube courtesy Zonet...


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