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TFG Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Cricket tips for Netherlands v Scotland T20


Scotland will take on Netherlands in the first T20 game on February 13 in Oman. TFG fantasy sports brings you tips and tricks for this fantasy round. The game will start at 10.45 a.m. IST.


Kyle Coetzer will captain the Scotland team and will also open the batting. 

Cross will be the keeper and he will open too with his skipper. 

Macleod and Berrington will be the key in the middle order. They can play the big shots at the death. 

Evans is likely to open the bowling. He has all the experience to pick wickets with the new ball. 

It also remains to be seen who between Tahir/Smith plays this game. 


Coetzer, Cross, Macleod, Berrington, Munsey, Wallace, Watt, Leask, Sharif, Evans, Smith/Tahir 


Netherlands will be captained by P Seelar who will be one of the lead spinners. 

Cooper has plenty of experience having played for a long time for the Dutch. 

Ryan ten and Merwe will be the all-rounders. Drop them at your peril. 

Meekeran and Gugten will open the bowling. They could also operate at the death. 


Myburgh, Barresi, Cooper, Seelar, Dowd, Edwards, Ryan ten, Merwe, Meekeran, Gugten, Snater/Klassen



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