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Sachin Tendulkar lights up Christmas for the children at Ashray Child Care Centre  

On a day associated with cheer and festive spirit, It was truly a Christmas miracle when the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar walked into Ashray Child Care Centre dressed as Santa. The children cheered with bright smiles as Sachin removed his beard to reveal this extra special Santa.

The joy of these young kids knew no bounds as they spent a memorable morning with this cheerful Cricket legend, playing a bit of cricket and dancing to some fun songs. In true Santa style, Sachin shared a bag of goodies gifting cricket bats, badminton racquets, footballs, carrom and chess boards to encourage the children to play games and participate in sports actively.

Bringing the festive spirit alive, Sachin Tendulkar said, “Surprises are always good, and specially on Christmas! It felt amazing to be with these young ones. The joy on their innocent faces was just priceless!”

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