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Sehwag, Afridi and McCullum to be icons for T10 league

T10 League, the world’s first 10-over international professional cricket league that has been sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and licensed by Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) is now preparing for the second edition of 2018.

ICC is the cricket’s governing body and its anti-corruption unit examines each league on financial and corruption-related issues. The T10 League management continues to work with the ICC and ECB to deliver a corruption-free tournament and as a result there is no change to the existing sanction.

The 2018 edition scheduled to start from November 23 and spread over 10 days, will have 29 matches as compared to a 4-day event in 2017. To meet this new challenge and also to keep the event clean, the T10 League management has made many positive changes to bolster the execution and operations of the 2018 T10 League tournament.

Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman of the T10 League, said,

“The first edition of the T10 League in 2017 was a great experience of launching a completely new concept of 90 minutes cricket. We made sure all the key areas were covered and the event was executed successfully. DPM managed the operations, The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the ICC managed the anti-corruption activity and also had Colonel Azam from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) monitoring the Pakistani players. Even this year, we have outsourced the anti-corruption, anti-doping and umpires to ICC and their approved agencies. We have incorporated many positive changes listed as under:


  •  A new CEO with experience of holding a CEO position of an IPL Franchisee is shortlisted and will be appointed shortly
  •  Formed a New Governing council with representatives from Emirates Cricket Board
  • Appointed the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit to handle the anti-corruption and awarded ICC approved agency for anti-doping checks
  •  Appointing umpires from the ICC panel 
  • Appointed global auditing firm Ernst and Young as external auditors
  • Appointed Roshan Mahanama as Head of Technical committee to ensure compliance to all ICC codes and regulations.
  • Embarking on a global talent hunt program to provide talent feed to ECB and appointed Wasim Akram as Director of Talent Hunt programme
  • Appointed Shahid Afridi, Brendon McCullum and Virender Sehwag as League icons.
  • Passing a regulation that players will not be invited to after parties to eliminate the chances of questionable elements approaching players in such places.

Saadullah Khan, Partner of the T10 League, said,

“The challenges in 2017 was to execute an  all-new format of T10 cricket and run the league in professional manner bringing in high quality of cricket and exciting entertainment. This was done with remarkable success.

“The second season of T10 in 2018 was launched on the back of highly successful first season with an objective to drive cricket passion further better and bigger. We believe we will deliver a league this year which will far more exciting and better entertainment for larger audiences across the globe. Both in quality and quantity.

“Let me touch base as reference and record, we are fully mindful of various ICC compliances and make serious and continuous sincere endeavours to total and complete implementation. We hope we will have approval of PCB for participation of Pakistani players as they are an integral part of T 10 cricket growth. I wish the T10 management, audience and players a great event.”

David East, CEO of Emirates Cricket Board, said,

“The first edition of T10 League last year was the start of a very exciting new format that attracted audiences around the globe. The innovation that the T10 management is showing for the second edition bodes well for an event to surpass the outstanding display we saw last year.”

Eight teams – Kerala Kings, Punjab Legends, Maratha Arabians, Bengal Tigers, The Karachians, Rajputs, Northern Warriors and Pakhtoons – have been drawn in to two groups to fight it out in the 2nd Season of T10 League – that takes place at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium from November 23 to December 2, 2018.

This year, two teams – The Karachians and Northern Warriors – have been added to the list of the earlier six teams. This will expand the support and fan base of the T10 League.

The T10 League is live telecast in the GCC, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and the United States – followed by millions of fans – watching the actions of some of the most popular cricket stars, such as Shane Watson, Shahid Afridi, Eoin Morgan, Rasheed Khan, Shoaib Malik, Sunil Narine, Darren Sammy, among many others.

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