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Ronaldo's documentary trailor is a hit, but Messi is not amused. Don't miss his reaction!

CRISTIANO RONALDO is at his highest peak in his footballing career, having scored 500 goals. His fans are in a different zone at the moment, and one more reason for them to be in that position is his upcoming documentary which will be released on 9th November this year.

Fans can now get a glimpse of his journey from where he started his career and where he has reached. The trailor of the documentary has been doing the rounds across the web world from the time it is out. Until now there has been a viewership of around 200,000. It does look promising and has an emotional touch to it.

Watch the trailor below if you haven't yet yet:

If Ronaldo is mentioned, can Messi be far behind. The Football Republic has made a parody video of Ronaldo's arch rival Lionel Messi reacting to the trailor. The result is hilarious:


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