It's cliched! But you still get one chance to guess the name of the CTL Nagpur team

AFTER TEAM RAIPUR decided to christen itself as Raipur Rangers through their social media pages, the second new team in the 2015 Champions Tennis League, which is from Nagpur, has also decided that it needs a name rather than being referred to as Team Nagpur. And what better way than to create a Twitter page, give themselves a name, and start communicating.

The team name could not have been more cliched. The city, situated in central India, has derived its psuedonym Orange City because of a variety of the fruit called the Nagpur orange grown there. The owners, therefore, had no second thoughts on what to call the franchise — Nagpur Orangers!

The team consists of Alex Corretja, Jelena Jankovic, Feliciano Lopez, and Divij Sharan, who will now have no doubts about the colour of their jersey, and what fruit to eat during home matches.

The official Twitter page of Nagpur Orangers

Here goes the Raipur team @Raipur Rangers

The official Twitter page of Raipur Rangers

Since the official website of CTL still refers to the teams as Nagpur Team and Raipur Team, we are not sure if these names will be approved or the teams will have to be re-christened. Very unlikely though, considering the owners are happy with it.


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