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FC Goa's Lanzarote cites differences with coach for leaving team

ISL 5 is months away but appears that silly season is in full swing already. Last Friday bought in an unpleasant headline that was totally uncalled for with Manu Lanzarote announcing publicly via his Instagram feed that he was leaving FC Goa due to differences between him and Coach Lobera dating back to February. 

Lazarote cites differrence with Sergio Lobera for  leaving FC Goa

To be fair FC Goa and Lobera have maintained a dignified silence. But as there’s always 2 sides to every story, I personally felt it was only right to provide a more clearer picture rather leave it open to interpretation backed by facts of course.

So, Mr. Lanzarote, if you had issues with the Coach way back in February, why did you wait 2 months to the day after the March 4 Final to go public? You surely know the transfer window was active and could have ended your stint with FC Goa there and then right?

As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding, so let me add it up for you. It’s not much of a coincidence your announcement came after accepting the best offer of a half million dollar contract from ATK that pretty much makes you the highest footballer in the next edition of the ISL. Neither is the fact that the new head of recruitment of ATK happened to be previously at FC Goa.

Of course it’s always difficult for footballers to put a positive spin once they have professed their love for the club, state and its fans they play for. It’s much more awkward to use the favourite line by mercenary footballers that of “I left because I wanted to win something” as your new club finished 2nd from bottom. 

FC Goa fans are not gullible to fall for that limp of an excuse which shows a lack of class in throwing your coach under the bus. The same coach who bought you into this league and gave you a platform to a lucrative pay packet which you have rightfully earned.

But let me do the classier thing that we Goans would anyways do in thanking you for the 13 goals / 6 assists you gave the club, for enthralling us with some special highlight moments especially the spectacular goal in Delhi. And we wish you all the best in your next endeavours. FC Goa will be just fine with Coach Lobera.


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