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Brave CF 10: Tahar Hadbi finishes camp alongside national Muay Thai Champions

Tahar Hadbi is scheduled to what it is called the showdown to settle the biggest rivalry in the history on MMA in the Middle East against Mohammad Fakhreddine. Lately the Algerian Welterweight had been preparing with three of the national champions in Muay Thai at ObyFight Gym in Paris. This includes Reda Oudgou who is a 3 times French national champ of Muay Thai along with Alfousseny Samake and Abdelslem Serradj.

Habdi finished the camp ahead of Brave CF 10

After a No Contest in their first fight held at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions at Bahrain, welterweights Tahar Hadbi and Mohammad Fakhreddine have agreed to a rematch in Jordan on 2nd March at Amman in the Boxing Arena at King Hussien Sports City. After a back and forth in the first round, the fight ended in a controversial fashion during the second round as Hadbi connected an unintentional low blow and Fakhreddine was unable to continue.

Fakhreddine had been training at the famous Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Thailand for the upcoming bout. Covering Muay Thai will be a great advantage for the Algerian striker who had finished 7 out of his 21 fights by way of knockout.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Fakhreddine had faced defeat only once and is a fighter who had never been submitted or knocked out in his entire fighting career. The buildups for the fight has projected to end the series of no-contest for Hadbi while also placing the indomitable streak set by Fakhreddine also on the line. 

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