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FC Barcelona: Its problem with Taxes and Poor Financial Advice

BARCELONA has earned the respect of all the opponents they ever faced. The club is known to produce some of the best football the world has ever seen but the club has a dark side that is not known to many, its problem of tax evasion.

Barcelona’s reputation as a tax evader has ruined the honest and ethical image that the club held in the past. The Catalans mismanagement of money has unfortunately led to prison sentences being handed to some of the top players at the club. The clubs frequent trips to the court have shown them in a bad light.

Many of the clubs top players have ended in trouble with Spanish tax authorities. This has often led to sentences being handed to players who are otherwise known for their honesty and integrity on the field. The most recent player to be added to this list is Alexis Sanchez.

Here is a list of 5 players whose time at Barcelona led to a conflict with the authorities. 

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