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ISL 2017-18: Exclusive interview with FC Goa head coach Sergio Lobera - Final part

IN THIS CONCLUDING part of the interview with FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera, we know about the coach's objectives and personal goals.

Read the first part of this exclusive interview on how he approaches his preparations and dealing with the challenges.

You are a young coach coming from a fantastic background, so what are your own objectives, personal goals and ambitions?

The future of a coach depends on his present. To think where I will be in 2-3 years is not reasonable as in football as things can change in a match, in a week and it also depend on the clubs. At the moment I’m focusing on having a successful season in Goa. Despite being young, I have many years of professional experience and coming to Goa was a good decision for my career.  

Exclusive Interview with FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera

Which coach inspires you? And which tactics and methods do you follow?

There are many. I don’t feel that my coaching style has to reflect any single coach and there are many lines to follow. Many coaches have different strengths and each of them can inspire you in forming your own idea. For example Guardiola and Mourinho have very different coaching styles but both are excellent coaches and you can get very positive thoughts from them. I don’t have one coach as reference but I try to adopt the positive aspects of different coaches.

What do you think about the Indian players from what you have seen so far? Do you believe that India can improve its football the level as compared to international level?

I feel that it is at a good level, there are good players, and players that if you develop their tactics, physical and technical abilities as well as their mental and moral aspects, making them more confident, believing in what they are able to achieve and ambition to succeed at the level, they can improve further.

FC Goa's Sergio Lobera speaks exclusively to The Fan Garage

Is there any Indian player that in your opinion could play in Europe? If so who?

I have seen many, but I won’t mention names.

From a Goan perspective there are lots of expectations and support 
In regards to Brandon. What are your thoughts and expectations from him?


I feel he is a great player as all others that I have but my main priority is the team. The team must stay above any individuality. Brandon is a very talented player and if all my players work well as a team we will be capable to succeed.

Translation credits to Fernanda Figueiro Pereira & Ravi Puskur (FC Goa)

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