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ISL 2017-18: David James wishes to carry on last game's momentum against FC Pune City

KERALA BLASTERS FC have reached Pune where they will take on FC Pune City in Hero Indian Super League (ISL) 2017-18.

Recalling the last game against Delhi Dynamos FC, KBFC coach David James shared the importance of the win saying,

“The defeat to Goa was tough,” he stated.

“It left us in a position where we quite literally have to win six games in a row. So, Delhi had to be a win. A tough performance in the sense that we lost a player only 10 minutes before the bus departed, and we had to make some changes. But the team’s form itself was very, very good.”

Regarding the performance, James added,

“We found we had some talent in the young players as well. The confidence of the players leading up to the game was good. It was a confident performance and put us one step closer to achieving six wins.”

ISL 2017-18: David James wishes to carry on the momentum from last game against FC Pune City
Pic Courtesy: ISL

Hailing Deependra’s outstanding gameplay in the last game, James said,

“The Delhi game was interesting with young Deependra Negi coming in and doing something,” 

“I was not surprised by his performance but was surprised that he played so well straight away.”

On the new signings from the transfer window, the head coach said,

“One of the things you do as a head coach is not stifle the opportunities of your players. Bringing in players can be done, but it does not mean it is the right thing for the club. It was not Deependra alone. There were other performances in there as well which were so encouraging that it kind of changes your mindset on how you got to approach the remaining five games.”

James was happy to share that all players were available for selection,

“There are some knocks which happen of course. But, we had a lot of people on the training field too. It’s a headache in one sense because you have then got to really think about who you have to pick. There is going to be a lot of thoughts on who starts and who is going to be on the bench tomorrow, because we have got a lot of options”

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