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The Boxing world has a lot of interest in seeing Me in the ring – In conversation with Cris Cyborg

THE T-MOBILE ARENA IN LAS VEGAS is set to witness an iconic showdown on December 30 as UFC’s reigning Women’s Featherweight Champion goes up against former UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm.

Cyborg defends her title against Holm at UFC 219

The fight sells itself. On one hand, we have one of the most dominant forces in Women’s MMA in the form of Cris Cyborg. With a record of 18-1 to show off on her resume, the Brazilian has not tasted defeat in 12 years.

On the other hand, we have Holly Holm. Despite her recent three defeats, Holm is a force to reckon with inside the Octagon.  

As these two women fight to decide who gets to hold the Women’s Featherweight Championship, fireworks are guaranteed.

Cris Cyborg: Holly Holm is the fight the most fans wanted to see.  She is a great challenge for me and one that people have been asking for.  After going 0-3 Holly recently won via a head kick KO in Singapore and appears to be the Holly Holm everyone remembers from the Ronda Rousey fight. I think this is the perfect time to make this fight.

Speaking of Ronda Rousey, it’s a fight that has eluded Cyborg for a long time and she is no longer looking forward to a showdown inside the octagon.

Cris Cyborg: I believe Ronda has retired.

For a portion of the fans, the UFC 219 main event might settle the debates about the Greatest WMMA fighter out there. Cyborg and Holm have been on top of the food chain when it comes to such discussions and at UFC 219 one of these two is bound to fall. Cyborg, however, is least worried about it and leaves the discussions to her fans.

Cris Cyborg: My position as the greatest WMMA fighter is something for the fans to discuss.  I train hard for every fight, like I am the number one contender fighting for the belt for the first time. I will let the fans decide where my rank is when my career is over.

Ahead of the fight, the champion inked a new deal with the promotion as well. From the looks of it, the contract is a big improvement from the last one she had.

Cris Cyborg: There are many differences between my new deal and my old deal.  I let my manager handle a lot of those things.  For me signing the new deal was more about making sure my concerns were listened to and that we were going to be able to start a new chapter in our relationship. I feel confident in the support team the UFC has put around me to be successful, and my manager George Prajin did a wonderful job working with Hunter Campbell and the UFC to get this new deal finalized.  I am excited to have the full support of Dana White, the UFC, and WME behind me.

This new contract could be instrumental in the future ventures of Cyborg. She has already expressed her interest in exploring boxing and going up against an accomplished boxer like Holly Holm could be the first step.

Cris Cyborg: I think anytime I continue to win my brand grows. The boxing world has a lot of interest in seeing me in the ring, eventually I will give those fans the fights they want to see.

Boxing, however, is a concern for the distant future. For now, Cyborg is focused on Holm.

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