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ISL 2017: The victory was well deserved, says Jamshedpur FC coach Coppell

JAMSHEDPUR FC won their first match of the season against Delhi Dynamos on Wednesday. It also meant that they opened their goal scoring account and now have 4 clean sheets.

A deserved win for Jamshedpur, says coach Coppell

Coach Steve Coppell at the post match press conference was a happy man and said that his team deserved to win.

"Well like I’ve been saying, we have been close three times. I thought we played well tonight. We had some good opportunities, we didn’t give much away. It was very pleasing, so I think the victory was deserved."

Talking about what changed in the second half for the team, he said,

"We felt that if we kept on doing the right things, we would get some kind of return, so we did not up the tempo or anything. We like to think that we put the opponents under pressure."

He further spoke on Sameehg Doutie not being able to given the start due to his fitness issue,

"He’s had a few fitness issues. It was just a choice for the game. I have got a squad of 20 odd players; I’m pleased with the squad. They look after each other. I have got interchangeable players. I had Jairu on the left wing and he’s an international player, so it wasn’t as if we were making some detrimental changes. I like to think that we have got a squad which is reasonably balanced so it’s just an opportunity for fresh faces to come in."

Talking about his opponents, he said,

"It’s a very different side. I really enjoy watching this Delhi side play. I saw the game against FC Pune City and I thought that they were fabulous. I think there are positive and seeing players like Vinit play in that kind of environment, pleases me. It’s a good way of playing football.  This might sound strange but results aren’t everything in football. Over the course of the season, it’s all about playing well."

Goal scorer Azuka said,

"I don’t think there is any difference in the leagues I’ve played in before Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia and the ISL. They are practically in the same league."

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