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Indian MMA fighter Raktim Singha accuses BOOM MMA of mistreatment, Promotion responds

UPCOMING INDIAN MMA FIGHTER RAKTIM SINGHA has accused BOOM MMA of mistreatment on various grounds.

Raktim Singha accused BOOM of mistreatment

In an exclusive given to TFG MMA, Raktim mentioned that he was not given the promised contract from BOOM.

Raktim Singha: These guys promised me a contract but after going there no such thing was provided. Especially as I was under 18, they didn’t even take a written consent from my parents which they promised.

Raktim, a two-time KFI Kickboxing National Champion, was featured on the Fight Night in Sikkim where BOOM was an affiliate partner. Raktim broke his arm during the fight after a freak accident and according to him; he did not receive proper medical attention.

Raktim: After the fight, not a single rupee was spared for me. On contrary, my parents had to pay to watch their son fight. Due to medical negligence, the injury got worse and cost me three to six months of recovery time. I will be out for one year now and they were not even concerned. Instead, they harassed and argued with my father. It was only because of my father’s mediclaim that we managed to do the surgery.

The doctor said that my heart was in a weak condition and I could’ve died from heart attack or could’ve slipped into a comma and these guys don’t even care about their fighters. They don’t even have a qualified doctor on the scene.

Apart from these, Raktim went on to add that the event organizers usually doesn’t appoint a judge for small events and goes with a favored fighter if the fight goes the distance.

Another major accusation that came from Raktim was about betting at the events. He noted that illegal betting was going on at the event and added that around 12 lakh rupees were at stakes for his fight alone.

Meanwhile, we reached out to BOOM MMA chief Ratul Mukherjee to get his side of the story and below is what he had to say:

Hola Hola #Dana_White_Of_Kolkata is back with the myth buster.

It's about Raktim Singha a wannabe fighter with his upcoming managerial parents. Well I have heard a lot about what he is tutoring against us.

Let's go back to little ages ago when Sikkim declared to have its 1st fight night named as " shyaptoh" and we joined hands with them as affiliate partners and we started selection of fighters. In the mean time Raktim's parent approached us as he was training with us for few days and wanted their son to fight but we specifically declined as he is not up-to the mark to fight. We had selected our fighters and list went to the organizers so they booked exact number of hotel rooms, train tickets and post fight party arrangements. All of a sudden his parents appeared and repeatedly requested us to schedule his son and we said we are booked but they volunteered and stated that the consequences will be on them if shit happens. So they didn't travelled with us neither stayed with us and neither we signed any contract.

During the fight night his parents were stopped entering the venue as they were selling tickets and we paid behalf of them. In fact I personally invited Raktim to the post fight party as his name was not counted so I took it on me to invite.

Now the fight started and Raktim went for a cartwheel kick and at the same time he received a flying knee which this hand couldn't take. The organizers immedeatly put him under medical supervision and yes he was injured.

Now, it was post fight party when his father came to the party and asked me to come down and said that it was not done as I didn't went to hospital but I remained in the party and it was obvious I will be staying in the party and attaining some delegates.

Now majority of our fighters got injured so I have to attain them as well such as blasted nose, injured wrist, limping shins and half dead eye. Now Raktim's parent took it personally on them and started attacking our personal lives which includes my gf, my partners son and his family and he threatened to involve ministry of home affairs.

Now what this Dana White and his partner will do, we had nothing to do. He was not under our contract, they volunteered, they took the responsibility to take their kid out their to fight and we were not the authority their. It was the fact that this kid wa not ready so we dropped him but his parents screwed it for him not we.

We know and we support our fighter but not them who tries to threat our families and trying to screw us.

I have seen couple of fighters showing support and for them Boom's doors are closed for ever if they again try to do the same. I am not saying that he don't need support but what I am saying if his parents walked to us talk to us then issue would have been resolved till now rather than showing their power. They need to understand that we are fight promoters and we have seen hell lot of shots like this.

Those fighters who are still taking sides for them stop or else we will stop scheduling you and your dream will be shattered.

Just understand it's not you who give the show it's us who put everything on line to make it happen and yes you come and talk the issue will be resolved and if you threat is then dude you are a fighter and I run the fight business.

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