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I-League 2017: Mohun Bagan coach Sanjoy Sen to undergo open heart surgery

MOHUN BAGAN COACH Sanjoy Sen, who is currently in the fourth season of his tenure with the club, has taken seriously ill and will need immediate surgery.

Sen, who created a stir by winning the I-League on his very first season with the Mariners back in 2014-15, has been at the helm of the club ever since and has subsequently delivered a Federation Cup as well. He assumes the mantle of head coach during the national season while during the Calcutta Football League he acts as a mentor to the team while his deputy Shankarlal Chakraborty executes the duties of the head coach.

Yesterday, he fell seriously ill and complained of chest pain. He was rushed to a hospital where after initial check ups Dr Kunal Sarkar told his family that he needs an open heart surgery immediately. The operation will be performed today.

While Sen does not sit on the bench during Mohun Bagan's CFL matches his presence is ever noticeable in the practice sessions and the team's daily strategic meetings. With him in the hospital, the Mariners have suffered a setback, regardless of whether he is the acting head coach or not.

Thousands of fans, officials and personal friends of the veteran gaffer are voicing out their prayers for Sanjoy Sen, who is seen by many as a major catalyst for change in the club as the century old institution navigates a transition to a more professional management structure. 

Mohun Bagan, who have won all their matches in their CFL matches so far amidst a record resurgence of home crowd in their own stadium, have been on a dream run with a mostly young squad. But if after the operation it emerges that Sen's return to his post will happen after a significant delay, it will be a major problem for the club to face.

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