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BEACH BOYS: Shuttlers Ajay & Prannoy show-off their fit bodies

SHUTTLERS have some time off before they get busy for their next challenge. And they surely know how to spend it well off the court.

Men's singles shuttler Ajay Jayaram and recently crowned USA GPG winner HS Prannoy were snapped enjoying their free time. Both took to their social media pages to share some pictures of them having a good time. Also note, these images will want you to shed those extra kilos.

Ajay spending time in Bali.


Few more pics from a week well spent. #throwback #solotravel #bali #gilitrawangan #flores

A post shared by Ajay Jayaram (@ajay_289) on

While Prannoy spending time in US ahead of next challenge, New Zealand GPG.

*BRB* Off to the gym!

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