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Brave launches trailer for documentary Based on the life of Elias Boudegezdane

Brave Combat Federation has launched the trailer of SMILE, a documentary - drama based on the life and struggle of Elias “Smile” Boudegezdane.

Elias Boudegezdane is a reigning champion in BCF 

The release of the completed project is scheduled for 26th June during Eid. The initiative will shed light on the sport of MMA and the lives of fighters. The initiative also marks the launch of “Brave Films”, a film production segment by Brave Combat Federation.

Under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Khalid Al Khalifa, Brave CF established as a subsidiary of KHK MMA and took off within one year of incubation to spread its activities across the globe. SMILE has been extensively shot in Montpellier, France, and Abu Dhabi.

The trailer gives a preview into the life of the current Brave Combat Federation featherweight champion and allows the audience to experience his life as an individual leading to his struggles to become the champion.

The documentary - drama highlights that contrary to the stereotype many holds about the sport of MMA, it is a domain of human evolvement through discipline, respect, honor, and incredible athletic ability.

The gentle side of fighters and the sacrifices that their family makes are highlighted. SMILE is the glaring example of a loving and happy talent who enjoys life and gives all that he can to the world that loves him. The project will definitely bring global attention as Arab fighters are yet to make an impact in the global MMA scene.


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