Maharashtra United coaches excited for table tennis with the introduction of Ultimate Table Tennis

Ultimate Table Tennis team Maharashtra United’s coaches Ferenc Karsai and Arup Basak felt that the league will just be right shot in the arm for the sport to popularize in India as well as abroad.
Echoing their views was the team CEO Gaurav Modwel. He explained,

“In Ferenc and Arup, we have a perfect blend of international and domestic experience for the team. Thorough professionals the two are, within hours after the coach draft, they got in touch with us and were keen to put forward their plans for the first season. The common goal we all have is to develop the sport besides making a successful franchise that resonates with all lovers of Table tennis.” 

An acclaimed name on the table tennis coaching circuit, Ferenc Karsai has managed the national sides of Austria, Canada and Belgium. While coaching the Austrian national team from 1995 to 2014, Ferenc took themto five Olympic Games. In 2003, under his tutelage, Austrian paddler Werner Schlager won the World Championships.  At the peak of his coaching prowess, Ferenc was picked as the coach of World team playing against China in 2004. Maharashtra United coach Ferenc Karsai said,

“Ultimate Table Tennis will be a great boostfor the sport and its talent. India has immense potential and I believe that UTT will give the platform to them to showcase that. Besides the international talent will also get to see how good Indian players are.”

Multiple national champion Arup Basak has been at the heart of table tennis scene in India for a long while now. A career decorated with six gold medals at SAF Games, two silvers at Commonwealth Championships, Arup continued to contribute in the sport by coaching national sides since 2011. He started coaching the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) and went on to become the national coach and selector too. Under his coaching stint, the Indian team won seven gold and 5 silver medals at the 12th South Asian Games held in Meghalaya in 2016.
Speaking about UTT, Arup said,

“The introduction of this league is a major positive in Indian table tennis scene. Along with Ferenc, we will make Maharashtra United a force to reckon with. We not only aim to win the league but also win hearts of the fans. UTT will help the fans get closer to the Indian players and get to know them better.”     

Ultimate Table Tennis will start from July 13, 2017 in Chennai then will move to Delhi from July 20 and the ultimate culmination, two semifinals and final will be held in Mumbai from July 28-30, 2017.

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