ONE Championships CEO Victor Cui explains why he wouldn’t sign Conor McGregor

ONE is gearing up for one of its biggest cards with Dynasty of Heroes. Ahead of the event, ONE Championships CEO Victor Cui was making headlines for his comments on Conor McGregor.

Victor explained why he wouldn't sign Conor

Victor noted that he wouldn’t sign Conor if he had the chance to. And now, Victor has come out with an explanation.

“Let’s say we had a press conference in China and he threw a water bottle. I would go to jail. They’d put me in jail. I’m not kidding around. At the end of the shows in China, I meet with the government officials and they have a checklist. Did we play this song, did we play this song? If you played one extra song, they can throw me in jail and they’ve done that to other concert promoters.” Cui told MMA fighting.

Cui also stressed on the factor that the comment he made was not based on the ability and skill of Conor.

“The comment is not about his skill set or his ability as an athlete. The comment is about his match with our DNA of what our company is. Could you replace me in Asia with another promoter in America? It wouldn’t work. It’s different.” He told.

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