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#TFGinterview: I want to fight Gurdarshan next – In Conversation with Ahmed Faress

The 25-year- old Ahmed Faress came into Brave 5 with a point to prove.  After starting his professional career with a ten-fight winning streak, Ahmed was seen struggling in 2016.

Faress is eager to continue his winning run

Despite picking up a win at AUFC 8, the two losses that he suffered stood out; the most notable coming against Christian Quinonez at Brave Combat Federation’s Brave 2.

When he stepped into the cage against Bharat Kandare at Brave 5, all Ahmed wanted was to get back on the winning track. And he did just that when he finished the fight with Kandare in the first round.

Ahmed Faress: Alhamdollah.  It was a good step for me but it was very hard fight. I was injured and I knew  I must  win. All my friends and my team helped me. Specially, Mohamed Nour, my training partner , Abdo Ebada ,Abo Ali and Mans. It was very tension filled situation and may be, it was the hardest thing in my fighting career because I was having many problems.

Fighting in India was a new experience for Ahmed. He expected things to be hard, but the nation welcomed with warm hands. He even had high praise for his opponent Bharat Kandare.

Ahmed Faress: Before I reached India I was expecting hard days specially because I was going to fight against Bharat. I knew he is an Indian star and one of the first MMA fighters in India.

But after  I arrived India  I was very happy with the good people I really felt I am not fighting against Indian guy.  India really welcomed me I want to thank Indians for that behaviour.

Kandare is very famous fighter and very powerful I think he will comeback better and better

When asked about the possibility of a title fight next, Ahmed gave a frank answer and said that he must do more to deserve the gold.

Ahmed Faress: Ooooh. Title title title. I really want that but to be honest, I got only one win. I know I must do more than that to deserve a title fight may be after my huge next win. Insha’Allah.

With the title possibly out of the way, the next obvious question was about who Faress wanted to face next. The Egyptian is currently ranked first in Tapology’s Bantamweight Rankings for the Middle East and a potential fight with Mohammed Farhad, who is ranked second, made a lot of sense.

But Faress seemed more interested in another opponent: Gurdarshan Mangat.

Ahmed Faress: Yes, I’m interested in fighting Farhad. Not Farhad only but everyone that has two wins in the Brave Bantamweight division.  But I the most interested in a fight with Gurdarshan Mangat. I want to fight  him. I made a video to challenge him

And Ahmed has no plans to wait. He wants to get back into the cage as soon as possible and give his fans something to cheer for.

Ahmed Faress: I want to back as soon as possible because we are in race and I want to be the first with many wins and finishes. I think I have a massive Arsenal.  I can do everything thing stand up or ground game or wrestling. Every time I will improve and show all people something interesting

And to my fans, sorry for the mistakes I did in the past. I will continue my wins Insha’Allah and make all of you happy. So be ready.

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