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Indian MMA: Gurdarshan Mangat responds to Mohammed Farhad and Ahmed Faress

GURDARSHAN MANGAT has a target painted on his back. After his win against Abdul Muneer at Brave 5, he has been the topic of discussion in the MMA circles.

Gurdarshan responded to the challenges by Farhad and Faress

In an interview with us, Mohammed Farhad had the following to say about a potential fight with Gurdarshan.

“Coming to Gurdarshan Mangat, he is a great athlete. I am glad that we are of the same division. As I stated earlier, I am open for any challenge. At the moment my record is more impressive than that of his. I am not concerned about Gurdarshan. He is one among many athletes who want to compete against me and build his name and reputation. May be one day we will go against each other in the cage. I can guarantee that it will be one of the biggest events in Indian MMA history.” Farhad said.

Recently, we also caught up with Ahmed Faress, who defeated Bharat Kandare at Brave 5. Faress, who is ranked first in Tapology’s Middle East Bantamweight rankings, said that he was also eager to lock horns with Mangat.

“I’m interested in fighting Farhad. Not only Farhad, but everyone who has two wins in the Brave Bantamweight Division.  But I’m most interested in a fight with Gurdarshan Mangat. I want to fight  him.” Faress stated.

Now, Gurdarshan has responded to both Mohammed Farhad and Ahmed Faress via stories on his official Instagram account.

Gurdarshan ready for challenges

“From Egypt to India, Line em up”, Mangat wrote on his story as a reply to Faress.

Meanwhile, he had a stronger message for Farhad and wrote

Gurdarshan's story about Farhad

“Seriously, Bro? nobody knows who you are outside the 4 city block in Mumbai”

You can read our interview with Mohammed Farhad here:#TFGinterview: Mohammed Farhad talks potential fights with Gurdarshan and Ahmed Faress, Indian MMA and more

Also, tune in for our Interview with Ahmed Faress where he talks about his fight with Bharat Kandare at Brave 5, his experience in India, his urge to face Gurdarshan Mangat and much more.

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