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Not thinking about ranking as winning tournaments is on my mind, says Saina Nehwal

SAINA NEHWAL isn't worried about rankings as she believes winning tournaments is important and that will however help in the improvement of rankings.

Talking at an event held in Mumbai, she said,

"I'm not thinking about ranking, it's about winning tournaments. Ranking will obviously improve by winning tournaments."

Once again, she made it clear that it will take time to reach her best once again.

"There is nothing much that can be planned as of now. The surgery phase was a little difficult. It is not easy to come back after such a surgery because there are slot of movements you suddenly forget. The cross movement is a struggle to deal with, and it takes time to get your movement back."

She further added,

"There will definitely be issues when you come out of injury, it remains in your mind. I don't feel it as it is natural phenomenon. But we are working on the net area. I'm losing narrowly, say (from) 18 points in 3rd game. Confidence also matters, and once I get a win here and there, it will come back. Fitness is important because of the scheduling of back to back tournaments. I can see that I am not very far from my best. It will come with a 5-6 week break."

She is preparing herself for the Thailand Grand Prix, Indonesia and Australia Super Series.

Talking about PV Sindhu, she said,

"Sindhu is also playing a lot of opponents a lot of matches, lot of top players, so she's competing with the best. It shows her fighting spirit which has gone higher. That's the reason she's able to achieve so much."

She was all praise for the newly appointed Badminton Association of India President, Himanta Biswas Sarma,

"Akhilesh Das Gupta (who passed away recently) took badminton to a certain level in India and I'm sure the new president will take it further."

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