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Gurdarshan Mangat extends courtesy to Muneer, also has a message for future opponents

THE CALMNESS after the storm has given rise to a new friendship. Gurdarshan Mangat, who secured a huge win against Abdul Muneer at Brave 5, has released an emotional statement on his Facebook page.

Mangat and Muneer went the distance at Brave 5

Mangat mentioned that he is thankful for the chapter with Muneer and also had a message for his future opponents. Below is the statement from Mangat.

The weeks of verbal warfare between us was real as it gets, he believed what he did And I believed what I did. I wanted to prove the smaller fighter moving up 2 weightclasses , NRI representing his Indian roots could prevail based on what he was fighting for and I proved my point to make history in the biggest Indian MMA fight ...but the greatest respect I have is for the man staring across the cage at me, takes alot of guts and strong mindset to make that walk and fight for what you believe in while the world watches and judges. And any man that can push my own spirit thru war I will always be thankful for , to feel that exhaustion in that heat and dig deep within myself and push my limit cause of my opponent Abdul Muneer, forever thankful of this chapter . And for all future opponents, I know I am a marked man by all of you, you been ringing the President @thehawkshahid phone non-stop trying to get on the list...bring on whoever is next, me, my people, my 🇮🇳🇨🇦 are ready to keep making history ...just a simple accountant to a warrior carrying a nation on people on my shoulders, not in this to make friends, in it to make history @bravemmaf #mma #india #canada #teamsaintlion

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