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The Week in IMPACT History – Sting returns To save Hulk Hogan

Tag Team Championship gold is something that every team in IMPACT Wrestling works to earn. Although some tag teams have controversy and bumps along the way, it’s common that each member of the team is fighting for the same end goal.  

Sting returned to save Hogan

If we think back to April 26, 201, and what all transpired that week in history on IMPACT Wrestling, we remember that the night started off with many tag team Stars in the IMPACT Zone confronting one another.

On that day we heard from AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian of Bad Influence, all men of Aces and Eights, and Joseph Park. This all lead up to the confrontation of Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan, that eventually led to Sting making a return to IMPACT to save Hogan.

Today in IMPACT Wrestling, we are able to see a few Stars that still remain from 2013. Abyss, the brother of Joseph Park, is one of those men that have been a staple in IMPACT tag team wrestling. Furthermore, in the past, we’ve seen Homicide, Konnan, and others of LAX serve as a dominant group throughout the years.

This week on IMPACT, we will see Abyss and others of Decay face off against the current Tag Team Champions, LAX. Knowing that majority of the competitors in this match have a rich history in the business, this match should be one that will forever go unforgotten.

One thing is for sure, each tag team will be bringing their A-game to the table as they all hope to hold championship gold at the end of the night.

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