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The Week in IMPACT History - Mickie James and Madison Rayne steal the show

On April 17, 2011, IMPACT Wrestling had the yearly Lockdown Pay-Per-View. In a show filled with amazing wrestling matches from the male talent on the roster, on this night, it was Mickie James and Madison Rayne who stole the show.

A look back into the history books

It was a Hair vs. Title Steel Cage Match for the Knockouts Championship, as Madison Rayne fought to maintain her status as the leader of the Knockouts Division, against Mickie James. Rayne was the current Champion, but fan-favorite and one of the most talented female athletes to ever step into the six-sided ring, James wanted the title for herself.

However, this match had even more on the line for James. If she lost the match, not only would she have missed an opportunity to hold the Knockouts Championship, but she would have to shave off all of her hair in a display of public humiliation. If Madison Rayne lost the match, she would lose her Title, but the sting of the defeat would be an internal battle, not a humiliating spectacle.

Fortunately for James, she fought hard and successfully won the match against Rayne. She was able to win the Knockouts Championship, as well as keep her locks. Mickie would go on to become a three-time Knockouts Champion and defend against iconic names like Gail Kim, Tara and Velvet Sky.

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