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About time ICC puts an end to Champions Trophy, says Ravi Shastri

FORMER INDIA CRICKETER and expert commentator Ravi Shastri has questioned the existence of Champions Trophy and has accused the event of diluting the importance of World Cups. 

The former Indian team director feels that there was no need to conduct the Champions Trophy, which is scheduled in England and Wales from June 1 to 18, in the age where there are too many ICC events. As reported by Ndtv, Shastri wondered about the significance of Champions Trophy and said, 

"If you ask me, five years down the line there will be very little 50-over cricket. There are too many ICC tournaments. Which event (sport) has so many World Champions. I go and meet anyone on the street and am asked 'kitna World Cup hai yaar' (how many World Cups are there), 'World Champion hai kaun' (who is the World Champion), which is a fact. You have both the Champions Trophy and the World Cup. You are (thus) diluting the World Cup. World Cup, T20, Test cricket (are fine). What do you need Champions Trophy for? What are you trying to prove? Who remembers (who won them in the past)?

Shastri also reckoned that people remember World Cup champions but not Champions Trophy winners.

"If you ask me about the last 10-12 World Cups (winners), I will tell you, (but) you ask me (about) the last three Champions Trophy (winners) - I don't know. The last one (in England in 2013) I will tell, because India won. I don't have a clue and I have broadcast (commentated) in all of them. World Cup in 2011 and the (winning) six (which India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni struck in the final at the Wankhede Stadium against Sri Lanka). That you will (always) remember."

Meanwhile, talking about IPL, the 54-year-old said, 

"It is your first class domestic tournament, India should have two corridors for that, why one, if it's (presently) six weeks, it can extend to eight weeks. Like Ranji, Duleep Trophy, for the T20 format it is the IPL, you don't need any other tournament. Eight franchises, 7 Indians play in each franchise, 56 Indians get the chance. Everyday, (seven Indians) rubbing shoulders with four overseas players. (Their) complex disappears."

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